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Destination Whitetail - Best of Season 1 Hosted by Lauren Rich - DVD

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Destination Whitetail: Best of Season 1 Hosted by Lauren Rich - DVD 
This wildly popular series on the Sportsman Channel was nominated for Best New Series following this debut season in 2012. These six episodes take you beyond the hunt, with visits to the region and an in-depth look at the culture and traditions of hunting whitetails.
Hosted by Lauren Rich, "Destination Whitetail" investigates the people, places, and ways to hunt whitetail throughout North America. Never used a dog to hunt deer. Learn about how they do it in Alabama. See the unique challenges of hunting whitetails on the beaches of Florida. Learn about urban hunting in Duluth and Two Harbors, Minn.
In the 43 states that have deer populations their habitat varies as greatly as the traditions and methods used to hunt them. Along the way, "Destination Whitetail" takes a look behind the scenes at some of the outdoor industry's most prolific personalities and how whitetail have contributed to their success.
Episode Guide
1. Alabama Dog Goners
Do you think you know how dog hunting for whitetails is done? Think again. This episode takes you along for the ride with the president of Alabama's Dog hunting Association and his hunting club. The history of dog hunting for whitetails goes back to our country's roots but is often looked at as an outdated way to hunt them. After watching this episode, you may see this process in a different light.
2. Nugent Birthday Hunt
We head to the YO ranch in Texas to follow one of the most prolific names in hunting. Ted Nugent has been on the frontline of hunter's rights for over 30 years and is always controversial. See what it's like to walk a day in his shoes when he hosts his annual birthday bash at this iconic Texas Ranch.
3. Tale of Two Cities: Urban Hunts
We cover urban bow hunts in 2 northern Minnesota cites. Two Harbors puts on it's first bow hunt framed on Duluth's successful model in its 7th year. Patterning city bucks is a unique talent learned by a few local veteran bowhunters.
4. Florida's Beach Bucks
White sand beaches and deer are not usually thought of together, but we find that deer hunting in this beach community is a thriving industry.
5. Seedy Side of Whitetail
We follow Ray Scott of Whitetail Institute for the day in Alabama.
6. Wisconsin Gun Opener
The only thing more sacred to Wisconsinites than the Green Bay Packers and cheese is the opening day of firearm deer season.