Woodturning with Tim Yoder: Season 1 Episodes 13-18 - DVD

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Woodturning with Tim Yoder Season 1 Episodes 13-18 [DVD]
Join well-known PBS start and expert woodturner Tim Yoder for episodes 13-18 of Woodturning with Tim Yoder, brought to you by Popular Woodworking Magazine. In each 30-minute episode, Tim takes you through the process of making beautiful woodturning projects, from a key and change holder to a Christmas tree.
Woodturning with Tim Yoder teaches you valuable woodturning techniques while creating great woodworking projects. Whether you are new to turning, or looking for ways to build your skills, Tim will make it fun!
Enjoy these 6 episodes:
  • Episode 13: Crafting a Key and Change Holder—Handy for any household, this clever project has a lesson or two for turners. Learn some tips for off-center face plate turning, and as always, pick up tips on detailing a spindle turning.
  • Episode 14: Turn a Jack-O-Lantern—Tim shares this great holiday turning project with us and offers some tips on adding texture and appearance to the Jack O'Lantern using sanding tools.
  • Episode 15: Making Mushrooms—Clever, cool fungus for inside your house. Tim shows how to make mushrooms on the lathe. Once the concept is set, let your imagination go wild!
  • Episode 16: Make a Turkey Leg Napkin Holder —Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for turners. The usual images don’t lend themselves easily to turned decorations. But not to despair, Tim has the answer: A turkey leg napkin holder. Brilliant, maybe a little twisted, but a fun project, nonetheless.
  • Episode 17: Make an Inside-out Ornament—By using some clever turning techniques, Tim shows how to make an ornament with as much going on inside, as outside.
  • Episode 18: Turn a Christmas Tree!—By adding a few turnings to one another and stringing a cool series of LED lights through your turning, you'll create a great table-top holiday decoration (make extras, because they make great gifts!).
About the Host
Tim Yoder was the host and producer of the Emmy award winning show “Woodturning Workshop” seen nationwide on PBS stations. He’s been a woodturner for almost 20 years, and a television photographer/producer for 30 years. Combining these experiences and skills with his easy-going personality, Tim presents turning tips and techniques in a way that’s interesting and entertaining to woodturners of all levels.
  • Running Time: 180 Minutes
  • Format: DVD
  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9781440342301