Mix It Up! Paint Collage & Found Objects with Erin Partridge DVD

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Mix It Up! Paint Collage & Found Objects with Erin Partridge DVD

Explore the world of "heavy" mixed-media! Using creativity (and a lot of acrylic medium), art therapist and mixed-media artist Erin Partridge shows viewers how to incorporate natural materials, found objects, and other uncommon items into art objects.

Discover different ways to use texture as an element in art, as well as ways to make the work seem more effortless--as though the art image emerges from the texture rather than just being layered on top. Starting with an overview of how and where to find inspiration, Erin guides viewers through strategies for gathering materials and getting started. Next, she shares techniques for preparing the surface for imagery.

In the third chapter, Erin offers a variety of methods for adding imagery, including using stencils and stamps, tissue and tracing paper layers, image transfers, and painting/drawing. Once the imagery has been secured to the surface and is completely dry, Erin shares ideas for adding more layers with additional materials and deep texture. Strategies for modification and ideas for further exploration are included in each step.

With her friendly, easygoing manner, Erin encourages viewers to get messy, have fun, ditch the rules, and experiment with lots of materials to achieve a deep texture.

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