Master the Jewelry Flex Shaft - Volume 1 & 2 with Andy Cooperman - DVD

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Master the Jewelry Flex Shaft Volume 1 & Volume 2 with Andy Cooperman [DVD]
Join metalsmith Andy Cooperman and start your journey into mastering the jewelry flex shaft! In Volume 1, Andy uses burs, mandrels, separating disks, and rubberized abrasives in unique, time saving ways.

You'll learn various and useful techniques, such as new twists on drilling and how to create a hammered finish with a rubber wheel. In Volume 2, he divulges his top picks for hand pieces, as well as fun tips and tricks to turn your flex shaft into a lathe. He'll also explain how a hammer hand-piece can be used for stone setting, riveting, and upsetting by capitalizing on its ability to combine force and accuracy. This video takes an expansive and non-traditional look at the accessories, attachments, and endless possibilities of the flex shaft.
Order your copy of Master the Jewelry Flex Shaft with Andy Cooperman today to:
  • Explore new techniques for your flex shaft
  • Learn to turn your flex shaft into a lathe
  • Find tips on how to use your accessories and attachments in different ways 
  • Running Time: Approx 203 Minutes
  • ISBN-13:  9781632505880