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Jewelry Photography Basics - How to Shoot Jewelry and Gemstones in Natural Light with Azur Mele DVD

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53 Minutes
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Jewelry Photography Basics - How to Shoot Jewelry and Gemstones in Natural Light with Azur Mele DVD

Want to take excellent photos of your jewelry? Learn the ins and outs of jewelry photography from Azur Mele in this must-have DVD!

Take your jewelry photography from blah to beautiful!
Learn the fundamentals of jewelry photography from Azur Mele.

"I'm going to be going over the fundamentals of photography but focused on photographing jewelry. It's a really difficult subject to photograph, so I want to make sure everyone at home has a really rounded understanding of the fundamentals and the basics so you can use that knowledge to take really excellent photos of your jewelry." –Azur Mele

Take the guesswork out of jewelry photography by learning the fundamentals. Professional photographer Azur Mele shares tips and techniques to help you take gorgeous photographs of your jewelry without breaking the bank on complicated and fancy gear. Begin with an overview of camera types, and then take an in-depth look at what equipment you need and learn how each piece works. Watch as Azur demonstrates easy ways to experiment with shaping light around your piece so you can see all of the details without those pesky reflections or dark spots. Whether you've been photographing your work for years or you've just taken the plunge and purchased your first camera, this video is sure to take your jewelry photography to the next level!

Order your copy of Jewelry Photography Basics: How to Shoot Jewelry and Gemstones in Natural Light today to:

  • Learn the ins and outs of a camera so you can photograph like a pro!
  • Discover which pieces of equipment are must-haves and which you can easily make yourself.
  • Show your jewelry in the best light by understanding how to diffuse and bounce light off of your pieces.
  • Take professional quality photos of your jewelry designs.

And more!
About the Expert:
Azur Mele, the daughter of a precious mineral's miner and a jeweler, has been surrounded by rocks, gems, and jewelry since birth (and is even named after a rock… Azurite!). A transplant from Tucson, AZ to New England, Azur is a photographer, professional retoucher, and has combined her love of jewelry and stones with photography.

  • Total Running Time: 53 Minutes 
  • ISBN-13: 9781632503602

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