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Build an English Joint Stool with Chuck Bender - DVD

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Build an English Joint Stool with Chuck Bender [DVD]
A classic project that will build your skills!
Join period furniture expert Chuck Bender in Build an English Joint Stool! This attractive piece works well as a stool or occasional table, and making it will help you master everything from simple turning to creating a beautiful finish with dyes. This project is great for woodworker's of all skill levels - from beginner to advanced. The video is easy to follow and this project can help any woodworker master simple turning.
This woodworking video includes:
  • The basics of turning hollows, rounds and tapers & duplicating turnings
  • How to create mortises at compound angles
  • Tricks to fitting angled mortise-and-tenons
  • The technique to making a sturdy top that looks light and stylish

And much more!
About the author:
Chuck Bender is recognized as one of America's top traditional craftsmen with his work appearing in private collections and museums. In 2007, Chuck opened the Acanthus Wokshop, a school outside Philadelphia. He is now senior editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine.
  • Running Time: 202 Minutes
  • ISBN-13: 9781440335839