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Awesome Acrylics - 12 Techniques for Mixed Media with Dina Wakley - DVD

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Awesome Acrylics: 12 Techniques for Mixed Media with Dina Wakley [DVD]
How far can you push your acrylic paints? In Dina Wakley's Awesome Acrylics video workshop, you'll learn 12 techniques to help you get creative and push your acrylic paints to the limit! From using thick, textured brushstrokes of paint, to watering it down to a watercolor-like consistency, from using it with stamps, to using it with petroleum jelly, Dina will show you how versatile, and forgiving, acrylic paint really is.

In this video you'll try each technique on a manila tag to create a reference book for future use. Then, Dina will walk you, and student Amy Jones, through the creation of an art journal page where you'll mix and match techniques to see how they can work together for delightful results!
  • Running Time: 83 Minutes