Art Quilt Design - Strategies for Success with Carol Taylor DVD

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Art Quilt Design: Strategies for Success with Carol Taylor [DVD]
Learn how to work with textured fabrics of all kinds to create wall hangings-while balancing color, size, and value to make your design flow smoothly from light to dark, as in so many of Carol's award-winning quilts.
Fused assembly makes the process fast and easy and gives you hands-on practice at placing your values in the proper order. After a quick introduction, Carol teaches her technique via a small sample "Arc-i-texture" project. Learn the secrets of couching to enhance your piece, and discover how to create Carol's trademark "perfect" concentric couched circles.
Delve even deeper into the design process with a close look at how to incorporate value. And finally, learn Carol's finishing technique using facings rather than bindings, plus a creative approach to sleeves. Carol's simple techniques yield striking results.
  • Running Time: 74 Minutes
  • ISBN: 9781596682436