The Artist's Magazine 2012 Annual CD

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The Artist's Magazine 2012 Annual [CD] [10 Issues]

This convenient collection of all 10 issues of The Artist’s Magazine from 2012 is a great addition to the virtual library of any artist. The easy-to-download & easy-to-use PDF format makes searching through page after page of exciting painting and drawing instruction a snap. More than 900 pages of instruction, tips on how to promote your art, painting and drawing inspiration ensures you won’t miss a step. Stay up to date with the artistic community with this exciting collection of interviews with artists, reviews of art events and much more.

You can easily print out your favorite articles, bringing them right to your easel for reference or find new sources of painting inspiration with the completed work of fellow artists. Learn how to make a career in the art work with tips on how to promote your art and make the most of your available resources. Everything found in The Artist’s Magazine 2012 Annual CD is searchable by keywords, and compatible with virtually all computers. Find exactly what you want when you want it with our annual CD.

In the The Artist’s Magazine 2012 Annual CD You’ll Receive:
  • Articles on how to market and promote your work & succeeding in the business world of art
  • Fun, step-by-step demonstrations featuring a wide range of painting & drawing techniques that stretch across medium
  • Interviews with artists, art even reviews and much more from our team of passionate editors

Here’s a look at some of the highlights you’ll find on this easy-to-use CD:
Inspiration: Will Barnet, Ephraim Rubenstein, Constance Bohannon, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Amy Weiskopf, Eric Wert, Sheldon Tapley, Melanie Daniel, Sharon Sprung, Tom Root, Mary Beth McKenzie, Paul Fenniak, Costa Vavagiakis, Ron Monsma, George James, Jaye Schlesinger, Juliette Aristides, Maya Brim, Donna Levinstone, Marvin Mattelson, McCrystle Wood, and more share secrets of their craft.
Instruction: Ephraim Rubenstein demonstrates wax resist; Michael Chesley Johnson shows how to prepare archival grounds; Deborah Quinn Munson shows how to use painting knives; Michael De Brito shares his preliminary sketches for multifigured compositions; Jane Jones achieves color harmony by only using the primaries; John N. Agnew gives a lesson in scratchboard; Dale Laitinen draws with a watercolor brush; Sadie Valeri shows how to achieve symmetry in a drawing a still life and more.
Business of Art: Copyright law explained; basics of e-mail marketing; writing effective newsletters; the reasoning behind model releases; digital jargon—DPI, TIFF, JPG, RAW and CMYK— decoded and more.
Master Lessons: Édouard Vuillard, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Théodore Géricault, Rockwell Kent, Winslow Homer and more.

  • Format: CD
  • PC & MAC Compatible