Explorations in Jewelry Enameling with Susan Lenart Kazmer DVD

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Running Time::
97 Minutes
Explorations in Jewelry Enameling with Susan Lenart Kazmer [DVD]
Join acclaimed jewelry artist Susan Lenart Kazmer for her new video workshop all about using enamel on your metal jewelry! Learn Susan’s artistic applications for layering techniques and colors successfully with both torch fired and kiln enameling applications.
Go in-depth into the steps and methods you need to know. Start with tips for cleaning your metal, applying the enamel, and firing successfully. Then, dive deeper and learn how to add artistic finishes to your enamel. Add burned edges, create a chalk-like finish, add sgraffito and cracking for increased dimension, and much more!
Plus, Susan goes into metal shaping techniques for creating cones, domes, and bowls that can add dimension to your jewelry designs.
Order your copy of this workshop DVD today to:
  • Learn two ways so successfully enamel: with a kiln and with a torch, and which technique will give you the effect you desire.
  • Mix your color by adding enamel, crayons, graphite pencils, and stencils to increase your color dimension.
  • Master techniques for creating your own curved surfaces and then enameling on them.
  • Experiment with opaque, transparent, and matte enamels and see these finishes in action.
And much more!

Whether you’re new to enameling, or a seasoned pro, this technique workshop is packed with unique tips and applications you won’t want to be without. Step into Susan’s classroom with this workshop you can start and stop at your convenience! Don’t miss out on this essential workshop DVD that presents a unique approach to enameling.
  • Running Time: 97 Minutes