Woodworking in Action Hosted by Graham Blackburn Issue 16 DVD

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Woodworking in Action Hosted by Graham Blackburn [Issue 16] [DVD]

In issue sixteen, WOODWORKING . . . in action ! ! ! we visit first with Paul Petrie, who lives and works in the shadow of the Adirondacks. He takes vessel turning to a whole new level of sophistication with piercing and painting techniques, which while painstaking, are fundamentally straightforward, and accompanied by the right design sensibility, can produce stunning results.
Further south, at the edge of the Shawangunk Ridge, we find John Battista using tools of a far different caliber than the tiny drills and single- hair brushes of Paul Petrie. Now we are in the land of chainsaw, die grinder, and large rasps, but the result is equally stunning: uniquely carved and sculpted chairs and stools, which, after hours of cutting, rasping, sanding, and polishing, turn into vibrantly colorful pieces of furniture.

One of the staples of the American woodworking scene is The Woodworking Shows, now in its third decade. As the marketplace changes with Internet innovations and new ways to showcase products, The Woodworking Shows remains the best place for many woodworkers to experience first hand what is new and exciting, and to meet and learn from other woodworkers, both amateur and professional. So take this tour of a recent show in Somerset, New Jersey to see what you may have been missing.

One of the pre-eminent turners in Americais Alan Lacer (featured in past issues of WOODWORKING . . . in action ! ! ! ) who appears here in a brief excerpt from one of his own award-winning DVDs The Son of Skew, in which he demonstrates an easy-to-follow method for making and decorating some truly delightful spinning tops.

Our regular Departments section includes the Gallery , which in this issue gives us a tour of the amazing cedar constructions made by John Battista for house or garden, and the Demo Bench, where we get to see a tried-and-true dovetail jig plus a brand new invention for creating detailed inlay.

  • Format: DVD
  • Run Time: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
  • Publisher: Toolbox Productions
  • Publication Year: 2010
  • UPC: 804879163695