Woodturning with Tim Yoder - Season 2 Episodes 13 - 18 - DVD

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Woodturning with Tim Yoder Season 2 Episodes 13-18 - DVD 
Woodturning with Tim Yoder teaches you valuable turning techniques while creating great projects. Whether you're new to turning or looking for ways to build your skills, Tim will make it fun!
Episode 213: Laser Kit Christmas Ornament
Learn to turn a Christmas ornament using kit components it's the perfect gift or to hang on your tree for years to come.
Episode 214: Drink Covers
Keep your drinks clear of bugs and debris with these handy turned drink covers for glasses and bottles!
Episode 215: Thin-Walled Madrone Bowl
Learn how to turn and hollow an ultra-thin bowl out of Madrone. Tim shares advice on storing green wood and using light to help you turn.
Episode 216: The Grinder
Go to the other side of Tim's shop to learn all about the grinder. Watch how to properly set up a grinder and learn techniques for setting up your wheel including checking for balance and trueness. Also learn to dress your wheel with a diamond point.
Episode 217: Perfect Sphere
Hone your turning skills by creating a perfect sphere ­ the ultimate shape in turning. Tim walks you through the steps and shows you a new tool that will give you the upper hand on this rewarding project.
Episode 18: Sandblasting
See the effects you can get with sandblasting to add depth and grooves to your pieces. Tim also walks you through what woods work (and those that don't) for sandblasting.
Running Time: 188 Minutes
ISBN-13: 9781440348679