The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 7 DVD

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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 7 [DVD] [2-Disc Set]
For over 30 years, Roy Underhill has been educating and entertaining audiences with his unrivaled knowledge of traditional hand tools and building techniques. Join Roy for Season Seven for creating the perfect outdoor chair, traditional Shaker oval boxes, a small table with twigs in geometric shapes, and so much more!
Each episode is filled with classic techniques and how-tos including:
  • 701 – Noveltails – Roy takes a look at the design and benefits of many traditional dovetails used in woodworking, then goes even further to look at some more unusual dovetails.
  • 702 – Longer & Stronger – When you need a longer board (or rafter), then a traditional scarf joint may be the answer. Roy discusses the history, value and creation of this important joint.
  • 703 – Country Comfort – Roy shows us the steps to create the perfect outdoor chair — the Adirondack.
  • 704 – Shaker Boxes – After a look at a number foot-powered woodworking machines, Roy and his guest show how to use a few of the machines to make traditional Shaker oval boxes.
  • 705 – Bookcase Ecology – This episode is Roy’s version of waste-not, want not. He shows how to build a coffin-shaped bookcase so that the materials involved aren’t wasted, but used during life — and after.
  • 706 – Woodwork, Needlework – Blending two traditional crafts, Roy builds an adjustable needlework stand or French design.
  • 707 – Whirligigs – Whirligig expert Andy Lundy stops by the shop to talk about the history, design and construction details of a variety of whirligigs.
  • 708 – Felling & Hauling – Traditional woodworking starts with the trees. Roy shares the traditional steps necessary to fell a tree and get the wood into the shop.
  • 709 – Bramble Work – Roy gives us a look at rustic Bramble Work furniture. He then creates a small table in this style, working with twigs fastened in geometric patterns.
  • 710 – Farmwood – Roy works through the varied historical uses of lumber. For use in construction, furniture, heating on your own farm, and for sharing with others. No part of the tree is wasted.
  • 711 – Old South Homestead – On a trip back to the Underhill homestead, Roy takes us on visit of some of the construction details used in building the 1850’s house and outbuildings.
  • 712 – Gameboards – Roy shows us how to make a couple of classic board games: Fox and Geese; and a checkers (or chess) board.
  • 713 – Woodcut Printing – We travel to the Book Binders Shop at Colonial Williamsburg to learn the history and reality of woodcutting for use in printing.
  • Running Time: 6 Hours