The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 29 DVD

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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 29 [DVD]
Join Roy Underhill in his twenty-ninth season of The Woodwright's Shop!

You'll enjoy six entertaining hours on this 2-DVD set filled with all 13 episodes.
We've included thirteen episodes to help round out your interests, including a Dovetailed grease pot, a shaker rocker seat, a Hancock Pedestal Table, a corner cupboard and much more!
Roy will dazzle you with his unrivaled knowledge of traditional hand tools and building techniques.
Enjoy these 13 episodes:
Dovetailed Grease Pot:Roy shows how to make a clever little grease pot - a box to keep your grease for maintaining your tool's surfaces.

Secrets of the Whirlygig: Make the world a better place by building a woodworking whirlygig!

Shaker Rocker Frame: The first step to making a rocking chair is making the frame, which Roy does out of a hickory log.

Shaker Rocker Seat: Now that the frame is done, it's time to make the seat, the arm rests and the rockers.

Mary May, Woodcarver: Master woodcarver Mary May shows how to carve a classic "acanthus leaf".

Wood and Water: "Green" wood is 50 percent water. Roy demonstrates that it is important to know which tools work best with wood at this stage.

Steam Powered Sawmill: Full steam ahead! Roy takes you on a journey into the past when he visits a steam-powered sawmill.

Harvard Side Table: The Shakers of northern Massachusetts may have called this a side table, but it's plenty large enough for any dining needs.

A Crutch in Time: Should you ever need a crutch to get around (and let's hope you don't), Roy shows you how to build one.

Hancock Pedestal Table: Roy builds a classic and elegant round pedestal table, first made by the craftsmen at Hancock Shaker Village.

Brian Boggs, Chairmaker: Master chairmaker, master teacher and master innovator, Brian Boggs, discusses chairmaking.

Corner Cupboard: In this two-episode project, Roy first shows how to build the glazed-window door at the top of the cupboard, then builds the panel door for the bottom of the cupboard.
Running Time: 6 Hours