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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill: Season 24 - DVD

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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 24 [DVD] [2-Disc Set]
Join Roy in his 24th Season of WoodWright's Shop
The Woodwright's Shop has been providing high quality instruction in traditional woodworking for over 30 years. In Season 24, Roy focuses on projects that transform a log into a work of art, rather than using lumber. This season is packed with episodes that will teach you about tinsmithing, hewing, bowl making and more. You'll also be able to make some fun and practical projects along the way.
Episode Guide
  • Shaving Horse: Roy shows you how to make a shaving horse to help you make ax handles, wheel spokes and more.
  • Tinsmithing with Anne Pederson: Not all good things are made out of wood. Anne Pederson shows Roy how to make things out of tin.
  • Acadian Chair: The Acadians, forbearers of the Cajuns, brought a clever idea for a chair with them to Louisiana. Roy explains
  • Norm Pederson, White Cooperage: If you need a washtub, butter churn or water bucket go see a white cooper.
  • The Foot Powered Lathe: Roy shows how to build a spring pole lathe powered by foot.
  • Wooden Thread Cutter: Need a big ole wooden screw for your cider press? Roy will show you how to make one.
  • Woodworking at North House Take a class in kayak building, or build a long bow or a berry basket all available at the North Folk School.
  • Turned and Hewn Bowls and Spoons Watch Roy transform a big log into a beautiful bowl. Hint: Just remove everything thatÂ’s not a bowl.
  • Norwegian Pram and Snow Skis  Let it snow, then go skiing with Mark Hensen.
  • One Piece Woodworking  Let Roy show you how to make useful & uselessthings out of one piece of wood no kidding.
  • Turning Chess Pieces  Roy shows you how to make a standard chess set or a not so standard chess set. Check, Matey!
  • Chess Board and Box  Now that you have the chess pieces its time to make the chess board and a box to put the pieces in.
  • Inlaid Legs with Steve Latta If you're a leg manyou gottasee this. Beautiful inlaid legs by Steve Latta.
  • Running Time: 6 Hours
  • 9781440335082