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The Secret Rules of Flirting by Fran Greene - Paperback

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The Secret Rules of Flirting: The Illustrated Guide to Reading Body Language, Getting Noticed, and Attracting the Love You Deserve--Online and In Person by Fran Greene - Paperback

The Secret Rules of Flirting is your guide to decoding flirting secrets, attracting the attention you crave, and building the confidence you've always wished for.

The Secret Rules of Flirting is your definitive guide to communicating (online and in person), attracting the ideal mate, and reading body language and other social cues to find instant adventure, friendship, fun, and romance.

Do you want to become a more natural flirt? Find out what signals someone might give to show they’re attracted to you? Maybe just refresh your in-real-life flirting skills after so much swiping, texting, and online searching? Nationally renowned relationship expert Fran Greene will walk you through her trusted techniques for becoming the most confident and attractive person in the room (whether you think you are or not!).

You’ll learn how to:
Establish trust and intimacy through eye contact
Be a good and thoughtful listener
Signal that you are available and interested
Recognize when someone is flirting with you
Master digital flirting
Take control of your social life
Your secret weapon to becoming a fearless flirt is here. With help from The

Endorsements for Dating Again with Courage and Confidence:

“Fran Greene is the most insightful and sought-after flirting, dating, and romance expert I know. She is my go-to coach when I need the truth, and nothing but the truth, about love and relationships. Her wholehearted approach to her clients is unmatched in the dating coaching industry—she genuinely cares about all of us! She's funny (sometimes really funny!), smart, and will tell it like it is, which is essential for singles seeking the kind of dating advice that really can change their lives. I’m thrilled Fran wrote this book. Dating after divorce can be so intimidating. No one is more qualified than Fran to help you face your fears, overcome your dating challenges, and begin your new romantic future with perspective and a solid plan in place.”
—Trish McDermott, founding team member

"Fran is the best at understanding relationships and how devastating breakups can be. Her book is full of real life success stories about getting over heartbreak and has an inspiring, upbeat approach to finding love again. Whenever I need a relationship expert, I obviously call Fran, who by the way, is always there when you need her. Even though it seems impossible, Fran unlocks the key to healing your heart and getting back in the dating scene with joy and purpose."
—Marianne Garvey, senior editor

"Fran Greene is the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross of relationship break ups. Dating Again with Courage and Confidence offers a step-by-step guide out of the black hole of despair that many feel after a breakup, divorce, or separation. Fran's mantra "It’s Just a Date" is exactly on point, because dating can and should be fun—and it will be again! Her insightful, gutsy advice will inspire you to get off the couch and look forward to your next date. A must read for any single woman wants to find the love she deserves."
—Jodie Gould, co-author of the bestselling Date Like a Man, to Get the Man You Want

“Heartbreak is not fun. But before you swear off relationships for the rest of your life, take a breath and pick up Fran Greene's newest book Dating Again with Courage and Confidence. Her step-by-step program acts a GPS for finding love again, no matter how lost you feel. So get ready to pull back your life covers, put down the bon bons, and get back on the romance train on the joy ride of your life!”
—Dr. Marissa Pei, host of "Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa"

“Dating Again is not just a book about how to date, it’s indispensable to dating after a devastating heartbreak. Fran doesn’t just point the way for you, she gives you detailed step-by-step, easy to follow directions. She has a heart of gold and makes you feel that you are fabulous and so deserving of finding love.”
—Giles Fabris, CEO

"Fran is the real deal. Her dedication to her profession is exceptional. If I were going to work with a dating coach, my first choice would be Fran Greene. LOVE HER!"
—Annie Jennings PR

“A brilliant, easy-to-read book filled with practical advice and stories from women who have survived a horrific divorce and have embraced dating with confidence and joy. I am personally grateful for her wisdom!"
—Ali Jabbour, Creator "The Girlfriends Club"

“Fran is the perfect combination of a drill sergeant and love coach. She is direct, wise, and as compassionate as they come. If you are in a dating drought after your breakup, this is a must read!”
—Hedda Muskat, author of "Dating Confidential" and former writer for "Love Connection"

"If you have questions about the state of your love life, Fran's THE expert on dating, love, and relationships. Dating Again with Courage and Confidence is my go-to for advice on everything from snagging a date to more complicated matters of mending a broken heart. Fran not only has her finger on the pulse of the trends of the dating world, but also gives practical advice for every stage of a relationship."
—Stephanie Brumsey, Reuters News

“As a journalist who writes about relationships, Fran is my number one expert to turn to for relationship guidance. After reading Dating Again, I was reminded again why I use her so much! The book is like having your own personal dating coach. Fran has a special way of making you feel super confident about returning to the dating pool, even if you are scared to death to get back out there. Her techniques make it effortless to get back into the dating world because they are reassuring, straightforward and dare I say it—gutsy! Fran is smart and funny. Finally, there is an honest, down-to-earth guide, no chaser, that helps us all let go of toxic exes and feel desirable enough to start and succeed at dating again. Fran is so authentic—she tells you what you need to hear, and hearing the truth works. I love what she serves up!“
—Delaina Dixon, EIC, Diva Gals Daily contributing writer, Personal Space,

“This book is the key to believing in yourself that finding love after a devastating heartbreak will happen for you!”
—Mitchell Davis, Editor,

“Dating Again is like having your wingman with you at all times. This is a book for a new life and a happier you from a very savvy love guide."
—Daniella Cracknell, Celebrity Publicist for Leza Gibbons, Howie Mandel, and Mario Lopez shows; CEO Leonard George Reputation Management

"Fran truly understands how breakups turn your life upside down and inside out. Dating after your heart has been broken needs the compassion, chutzpah, and wisdom from my favorite love expert! Fran will get you to lay your ex to rest and YES, LOVE dating again."
—Marie Pakam, Brand Ambassador for the Break up Biz

"Fran has been the resident flirting and dating coach on, our QA website. Smart, thoughtful, and always quick to respond, she offers universally lauded advice. A Jobstr staple and fan favorite, Fran continually proves herself to be a black-belt in the world of relationships."
—Frank Hajdu, Co-Founder of

“Don't bake a soufflé without a recipe. And don't date without Fran's easy-to-follow techniques. Fran’s book has all the ingredients for eliminating the anxiety that keeps you from getting the partner you desire. Martha will show you how to cook, but Fran will teach you how to date with magnetic confidence! Stop daydreaming about your ideal relationship. Get out there and make it happen.”
—Regina Robinson, RM Robinson Solutions

“Love matters to Fran Greene, THE dating, flirting, and relationship coach. A go-to expert, she shares insightful and inspiring dating tips that will encourage you to accept and embrace LOVE again, rekindle your relationship, and find lasting love.”
—Vivian Hernandez Ortiz, Senior Producer, FiOS1 News Push Pause

"Whether it’s to help connect online or in person, The Secret Rules of Flirting is a playful and super informative guide, helping all of us increase our serious flirtability factor. It’s a must-read!"―Jeannie Assimos, Vice President of Content, eHarmony

"Fran Greene is the most insightful and sought-after flirting, dating and romance expert I know. She is my go-to coach when I need the truth, and nothing but the truth, about love and relationships. Her wholehearted approach to her clients is unmatched in the dating coaching industry—she genuinely cares about all of us! She's funny (sometimes really funny!), smart and will tell it like it is, which is essential for singles seeking the kind of flirting advice that really can change their lives. No one is more qualified than Fran to help you face your fears, overcome your flirting challenges and begin your new romantic future with confidence and optimism! From millennials to boomers – you’re going to love The Secret Rules of Flirting, I did!"
―Trish McDermott, founding team member

"Fran is the #1 expert in the art of flirting. The Secret Rules of Flirting is a fabulous read that will teach you the most practical and stress-free ways to turn your flirt on anytime, anywhere, any place and still keep your cool. It's like a crash course in flirting. Believe me, Fran knows more than anyone on how to land the love you want!"―Marianne Garvey, relationships writer/editor,

"If you want to ignite the flirt within you, The Secret Rules of Flirting will show you the way! Fran guides you to finding the love of your life and enjoying every second of it. It's uplifting, optimistic, and very practical."―Gayle Kirschenbaum, Emmy award filmmaker, TED speaker, coach and writer

"Flirting is an essential nugget in your dating toolkit. Fran Greene’s book provides excellent tips on how to flirt both online and offline to help you find your dream date."―Julie Spira, author of "The Perils of Cyber-Dating"

"Fran Greene is an intelligent, accomplished, and down-to-earth flirting and dating coach — one of the best I've seen in the business. She's engaging, bold, and dedicated to each and every one of her clients. After working with Fran, you'll be able to charm anyone, anywhere, no matter the situation. And it's all because she eats, breaths, and sleeps flirting!"―Hayley Matthews,

“Fran Greene is the expert on that essential part of dating...the flirt. She provides excellent advice on how to flirt face to face and on all the social media sites. Her techniques will undoubtedly get you closer to finding your perfect someone. A fun, insightful, and brilliant read!"―David Wheeler Founder & CEO,

"Fran is a true flirting expert! Flirting happens to be a way of life for her. She will teach you how to turn on your flirt when approaching or meeting someone who sparks your interest. A better version of yourself and increased confidence will only enhance the romance in your life. She reveals the secrets of how to flirt on dating sites and apps. A must read if you are looking for the love of your life. It could be just a click away."
―Charles Messow, Founder of Cove dating app

"Fran Greene hits the mark with her wonderful insights that are sure to be a hit for anyone seeking to step up their flirting game! This book provides excellent tips and advice to help the reader tap into their inner flirt, to exude confidence and sexiness, and to ultimately attract their hearts desire… What Fun!"
―Joelle A. Perez Esq, Divorce Mediator

"Thank goodness The Secret Rules of Flirting are not secret anymore! Fran Greene is finally revealing her juiciest and most powerful tricks and tools to unlock your natural flirtiness and charisma. Learn exactly what to say and do to meet and move on after your breakup. No one is better at unlocking your social confidence when it comes to dating and mating." ―Catherine Behan, Divorce Recovery Expert at
About the Author
Fran Greene, LCSWR, former director of flirting, advice columnist, and spokesperson for, is a nationally renowned relationship expert. She has a private practice working with singles who want to maximize their social life.

Fran is the author of Dating Again with Courage and Confidence and The Flirting Bible. She is well known as the Flirting, Dating and Relationship Coach. She is an expert in helping singles navigate the complex maze of online dating. She also works with couples who want to transform their troubled relationships into connected loving ones.

Fran has appeared on The Today Show, Jenny McCarthy, Dateline NBC, and Good Day New York and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York magazine, the New York Times,, Elite Daily, Bustle, Cosmopolitan,, and more. She is a regular contributor for Zoosk. Through her popular flirting and dating seminars, Fran has helped thousands of people find love.

She lives in New York. To learn more about Fran, visit her at

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