The French Sewing Box with Gloria McKinnon - DVD

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The French Sewing Box with Gloria McKinnon [DVD]
Gloria McKinnon’s silk ribbon embroidery and needlework is unrivaled, and in this step-by-step video she shows you how to fashion a magnificent collection of accessories to keep or gift to a sewing friend.

These projects develop and challenge your skills, but are far from a simple sampler. When you’re finished, you’ll have a sewing box, especially designed to hold a pincushion, tape measure, needle book and scissor fob that elegantly coordinate in a dramatic pink-on-black color combination. Of course, you can choose your own color scheme.

Envision an English country garden on a pastel base, a natural direction to take this project that showcases silk ribbon fuchsia, chrysanthemums, daisies, asters, lilies, roses and more.

BONUS PDF! The Box and Flower templates are available as a PDF download so you can print them again and again. Construction and embellishment tips for the box and accessories are also included in a separate PDF.
  • Running Time: 92 Minutes