Sewing Tips + Tricks with Tricia Waddell - DVD

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Sewing Tips + Tricks with Tricia Waddell [DVD]
Learn the sewing tips and tricks that give your projects a professional look and a designer's touch. Sew along with Stitch magazine editor in chief, Tricia Waddell and project editor, Katrina Loving as they demonstrate easy construction and embellishment techniques, along with fun projects that allow for lots of personalization so you can sew like a designer.

Whether you are a beginner that wants step-by-step instruction, or an experienced sewist looking for inspiring design ideas, you'll find great sewing tips to add to your repertoire.
You'll learn:
  • Simple construction tips that will ensure your garments fit well including staystitching, understitching, darts, and more.
  • Embellishment techniques that can be applied to store-bought items or projects sewn from scratch including applique, bead embroidery, and hand embroidery.
  • Unique projects that are easy to make yet allow for your own customization, including a silk scarf, sweater makeover, and ideas for sewing your own garment labels.
If you are looking to increase your sewing expertise and get more creative with your projects, Sewing Tips + Tricks with Tricia Waddell is the DVD for you!
  • Running Time: 42 Minutes