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Beadwork Designer of the Year - Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals - Marcia DeCoster- DVD

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Beadwork Designer of the Year - Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals - Marcia DeCoster- DVD 
Your must-have guide for all things right-angle weave.
Join past Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Marcia DeCoster for her video workshop dedicated to right-angle weave! Learn the fundamentals of this popular and versatile stitch, from basic flat and tubular to advanced cubic variations, from a leading expert.
Begin by learning the all-important thread path for successful right-angle weave, plus how to successfully work increases and decreases.

Then, build on your skills and discover how to stitch bezels, add embellishments, work with armatures, create layers, and more!

Bead with confidence as you grow your skills and discover must-know tips and tricks for finally mastering this complex stitch.

Learn about Marcia's tool and material recommendations, plus her valuable thread management tips, to bead like a pro at home.

Explore all the different ways to use right-angle weave, including stitching a beaded rope, making bezels, creating three-dimensional forms, and more.
Learn important increase, decrease, joining, layering, and embellishment techniques.

Take your skills to the next level with lessons on creating sculptural work around armatures and cubic right-angle weave.

Clearly see each and every step with up-close shots to match Marcia's detailed directions.
Tackle cubic, circular, and tubular right-angle weave with detailed sections dedicated to these important variations. And much more! 

Running Time: 96 Minutes
ISBN-13: 9781620336427

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