Paint Realistic Landscapes in Pastel - Skies with Liz Haywood-Sullivan - DVD

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94 Minutes

Paint Realistic Landscapes in Pastel - Skies with Liz Haywood-Sullivan - DVD

In this exciting video from noted pastel artist, Liz Haywood Sullivan you'll discover how to paint a sky that is filled with clouds from start to finish. Liz covers everything you need to know in order to achieve the right perspective, effects, and colors in your sky pastel painting. Learn basic pastel painting techniques along with tips and tricks for how to paint a sky and a cloudthat is believable and lively.

Starting with pastel painting exercises showing you how to create an aerial perspective and exercises on how to introduce the right value and color into your pastel composition. The complete pastel sky painting demonstration then focuses on creating contrasts, vibrant colors, and interesting edges in your own cloud and sky composition. This beautiful sky painting is great for any pastel artist looking for an exciting new challenge.

In the Paint Realistic Landscapes in Pastel: Skies Video You'll Learn:

  • How to create the right values and colors in order to paint a sky in pastel
  • How to achieve contrasts, lost and found edges, colors, values and an atmospheric perspective in your pastel painting
  • Tips and techniques for painting a cloud-filled sky from beginning foundations to final details

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