On Writing Fiction - by David Jauss - Paperback

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On Writing Fiction - Rethinking conventional wisdom about the craft by David Jauss - Paperback

The pieces of a satisfying novel or story seem to fit together so effortlessly, so seamlessly, that it's easy to find yourself wondering, "How on earth did the author do this?" The answer is simple: He sat alone at his desk, considered an array of options, and made smart, careful choices.

In On Writing Fiction, award-winning author and respected creative writing professor David Jauss offers practical information and advice that will help you make smart creative and technical decisions about such topics as:

Writing prose with syntax and rhythm to create a "soundtrack" for the narrative
Choosing the right point of view to create the appropriate degree of "distance" between your characters and the reader
Harnessing the power of contradiction in the creative process
In one thought-provoking essay after another, Jauss sorts through unique fiction-writing conundrums, including how to create those exquisite intersections between truth and fabrication that make all great works of fiction so much more resonant than fiction that follows the "write what you know" approach that's so often used.