Making & Designing with Simple Single Links with Brenda Schweder DVD

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Making & Designing with Simple Single Links on the Now That's a Jig! with Brenda Schweder [DVD]
Use your jig to its fullest potential and create jewelry pieces that are professional. Take jewelry instructor Brenda Schweder’s techniques and apply them to your own equipment and designs!
It’s time to let go of your frustration with creating jewelry sets that just don’t look quite consistent – jewelry artisan and creator of the Now That’s a Jig! Brenda Schweder shares her secrets for creating professional jewelry sets that are unfailing in their design.

One of the jig’s superpowers is to make repeatable forms, and Brenda takes you through five different SimpleSingle Links to get you started on your jig journey! Used as a building block to create contemporary and minimal designs, SimpleSingle Links is a playful way to kick-start your creative jewelry making. Along the way, she teaches you techniques and tricks to use the jig to its maximum potential. You can also apply these techniques to any future equipment and designs!
Order your copy of Making & Designing with SimpleSingle Links on the Now That’s a Jig! today to:
  • Learn how to construct your jig to make unique wire jewelry pieces
  • Explore the different tools that are best suited for wire working designs
  • Design five beautiful jewelry sets – the Barbell, the TriPetal, the Trinfinity, the DoubleBack and the PullaUey
  • Make multiple jewelry pieces from one design so your jewelry sets are professional and uniform
  • Execute beautiful wire work with Brenda’s expert instruction
  • Running Time: Approx 112 Minutes
  • ISBN-13: 9781632505132