Knitting Daily Workshop - Short Row Knitting with Nancie Wiseman DVD

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Knitting Daily Workshop: Short Row Knitting with Nancie Wiseman [DVD]
What is short-row knitting, and when is it used?
If you've ever knitted a sweater or socks, chances are you've knit short-rows for shoulder and heel shaping.
Even if you haven't used short-rows for shaping, you can easily learn how with Nancie Wiseman's new workshop video. Nancie shows exactly how to knit short rows, which she describes simply as "half-way-down" knitting.

Join Nancie and learn:
  • What a short-row is, and how to use Nancie's stitch-yarn, stitch-yarn, turn technique for flawless short-rows in your knitting
  • How short-rows are used for shaping and fit, including where to place various short-rows for any knitting pattern
  • How to use short-rows and self-striping yarns to achieve intarsia-like colorwork effects without complicated yarn changes
  • How to create short-row patterning using "hills," "valleys," and "sunsets"--Nancie's terms for three short-row techniques
And much more!
  • Running Time: 99 Minutes
  • ISBN: 9781596688537