In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto - DVD

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In the Encaustic Studio Basic Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto [DVD]
In this video, professional artist, author and experienced workshop leader Michelle Belto takes viewers on a journey toward creating their very own works of encaustic art. Michelle teaches in an informative and engaging manner everything you need to know about the basics of working in this unique medium-starting with the basics of tools, materials, safety and priming.
Viewers then move into an exploration of techniques used to create smooth, translucent and dreamy glazed surfaces as well as rich, thick, opaque and highly textured surfaces. Michelle then tackles what it means to create an underpainting for your encaustic work and she demonstrated using a variety of media including stamps, stencils, alcohol inks and pen and ink. Finally, an exploration of building up and scraping down-working with and through multiple layers of wax truly impresses upon the viewer the versatility of painting with wax.
The video includes an annotated gallery of works by the artist and her contemporaries, all chosen to demonstrate the possibilities of the specific technique highlighted in the program.
  • Running Time: 83 Minutes
  • ISBN-13: 9781440330827