Free - Motion Machine Sketching with Candy Glendening - DVD

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Free-Motion Machine Sketching with Candy Glendening [DVD]
Free-motion machine sketching is a combination of thread sketching and machine quilting that results in charming drawings and motifs on fabric. Candy developed this technique after much experimentation, and has taught many quilters how to look at their sewing machine as a tool for drawing and sketching.
She begins by reviewing the inspiration for her sketches—everything from birds, to ceramic bowls, to plants—and deftly shows how free-motion machine sketching can capture the essence of the subject in thread. Candy walks the viewer through the process while making a fabric sketchbook to demonstrate and practice machine sketching techniques and her own charming motifs. She breaks down the process for creating the sketches into easy to follow tutorials, and provides in-depth demonstrations along the way.
Finally, she shows how to assemble the fabric sketchbook and create a lasting collection of the sample sketches. Prepare to expand your view of how the sewing machine can be used as a drawing tool to create sketched motifs on a variety of stitched surfaces. You’ll never look at your machine the same way again!
  • Running Time: 73 Minutes