Custom Cast Bangles and Cuffs with Cynthia Thornton - DVD - 2 Disc Set

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Custom Cast Bangles and Cuffs with Cynthia Thornton - DVD - 2 Disc Set

“Have you ever wished you could find bangles and cuffs that not only fit, but are beautiful as well? Today, I'll show you simple techniques to carve gorgeous wax bangles and cuffs that can easily be molded and cast into works of art.” -Cynthia Thornton

Are you interested in making your own resin bangle and cuff bracelets, but have been too intimidated to give it a try? Join author and founder of Green Girl Studios Cynthia Thornton as she demonstrates each step you'll need to know so you can create a slew of unique bracelets in her workshop DVD Custom Cast Bangles and Cuffs. Watch and learn as Cynthia shares technique tips and expert insights that will have you carving wax, creating a silicone mold, casting resin, and embellishing your new bracelets in no time! Cynthia demonstrates each step of this bracelet-making process with clear instructions and helpful hints so you can create with confidence.

Order your copy of Custom Cast Bangles and Cuffs with Cynthia Thornton today to:

Create the perfect fit as you craft your own custom bangle and cuff blanks out of paraffin wax.
Learn everything you need to know to start working with silicone from proper storage to pouring the perfect mold.
Discover helpful hints so you can pour white or clear resin successfully every time.
Kick up the sparkle when you learn how to add crystals to the surface of your bracelet.
And so much more!
About the expert:

Cynthia Thornton specializes in small things. Her pieces revolve around images of forgotten creatures and fairy tales. She founded Green Girl Studios and is the author of Enchanted Adornments. She lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC with her family.

  • Total Running Time: 239 Minutes
  • ISBN-13: 9781632503367