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Creative Underpainting with Dawn Emerson - DVD

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Pastel Painting Innovations: Creative Underpainting with Dawn Emerson DVD
Be innovative with your underpaintings with the painting lessons in this in this art video, and you'll find your work becomes more exciting and has more possibility! So what is an underpainting? An underpainting for your art can simply be a way to mess up the surface so it is less threatening than the blank white paper, or it can go to the opposite extreme, and be a tightly rendered drawing onto which you add pastel or paint.

In this art instruction video you'll build creativity and confidence as you follow along with six fun underpainting techniques and develop them into complete pastel paintings! From using charcoal for a washy monotone underpainting, to using ink or water-mixable oil for bold abstract strokes that inspire further layers, the lessons in this video will help you break new ground and add creativity to your pastel paintings.
Lessons include:
  • Painting techniques for line, value, edges, shape, composition, and color
  • Demonstrations on how to use new art tools and mediums for pastel painting: brayers, oil paint, ink, stencils, shellac, and more
  • Tips for capturing gesture, expression, and mood

About the Artist
Dawn Emerson has been a workshop instructor for twenty years. She holds signature status from PSWC and PSA and has won numerous major awards. Dawn's work is featured in Strokes of Genius and she has written numerous articles for Pastel Journal.
  • Running Time: 95 Minutes