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Colored Pencil Techniques: Easy Landscape Painting By Kristy Kutch - DVD

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Colored Pencil Techniques - Easy Landscape Painting By Kristy Kutch [DVD]
You will love this DVD if:
  • You want to learn techniques in watercolor and traditional colored pencils
  • You like to use colored pencil in your art
  • You are a fan of Kristy Kutch’s art and instruction
Join artist Kristy Kutch in this video workshop to improve your landscape paintings in watercolor and colored pencils. Follow step-by-step instructions for easy, fun, and quick techniques for paintings this diverse subject with colored pencils. Kristy will guide you through a complete lesson on colored pencils starting with an overview of the pencils, tools, and go-to landscape compositions. Learn how to create each element of a landscape successfully in both watercolor pencils and traditional colored pencils.

Learn expert techniques in both wet and dry pencil techniques & t
ips for making corrections.

  • Running Time: 133 Minutes