Colored Pencil Animals - How to Draw a Horse in Colored Pencil with Mark Menendez DVD

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Colored Pencil Animals: How to Draw a Horse in Colored Pencil with Mark Menendez [DVD]
Learn how to draw and paint a realistic horse in colored pencil with Mark Menendez.
First, you will outline the shape of the horse’s head using tracing paper and a grid technique. Then, with the use of shapes and values, you will understand the use of highlights and shadows to create depth and form within your portrait, while receiving additional tips on how to paint the glossy eyes and hair. Menendez will then explain how use rounded shapes to define the horse’s bone structure and body, and then he will teach you how to transfer your shapes into the realistic representation of the full horse. You will learn highlighting techniques to create a shiny coat, a hoof, and a long healthy tail.
In this instructional video you will:
  • Learn how to draw a realistic horse in colored pencil
  • Expand on your drawing and use a 4-value system to create form and dimension
  • Discover layering techniques to paint the head of a beautiful horse in three-quarter view
  • Explore great tips for painting the figure of a horse, from creating the sheen and the shapes of the body to tips on creating the tail, hooves, eyes
  • Learn to use scumbling and burnishing techniques in your work
And more!
From head to hoof, you’ll learn the tips you need to know to create a realistic horse of your own with Mark Menendez!
  • Running Time: 94 Minutes