Build a Welsh Stick Chair with Don Weber - DVD

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Build a Welsh Stick Chair with Don Weber [DVD]
Old World Skills Deliver Comfort & Style Use classic chairmaking tools and your eyes, hands and seat to adjust the fit and feel of this traditional Welsh stick chair that has been gracing hearths and homes for generations.
In this unique video, shot in a classroom setting, you'll learn:
  • To shape spindles, legs and seats using a variety of chairmaking hand tools
  • How shop scraps and a propane tank can create a steam-bending box (then use a clever jig to bend the arm!)
  • The simple steps to fit all the pieces together by sight and feel for a perfect fit
And much more!

Learn along with Don Weber's chairmaking class to gain traditional hand-tool skills and a healthy dose of common sense.
  • Running Time: 219 Minutes
  • ISBN-13: 9781440350276