Breaking Out of the Mold with Jen Cushman - DVD

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Breaking Out of the Mold: Resin and Clay Casting for Mixed-Media Art With Jen Cushman [DVD]
Say goodbye to sifting through expensive shops and markets for found objects! Instead, make molds from your own treasure trove of beloved objects to personalize your work.
Dig into Jen Cushman's world of mold making and challenge the status quo. Soon, you'll be breaking free from your old mold-making ways and forging new and exciting molds that are uniquely your own!
Mold any way you like as you. . .
Discover casting techniques and how to make molds with a variety of media, epoxy clay, paper clay, air-dry clay, and two-part epoxy resin
Learn how to use castings in all areas of mixed media, from collage and assemblage to art quilts and jewelry
Fall in love with Jen's exciting and approachable teaching style as you learn how to use her innovative approach in your own work
Get back to basics as Jen takes you through some of her favorite materials and provides a solid foundation on how to set up your studio space
Move your mold-making forward with tips and tricks to integrate into your molds that will make them one-of-a-kind
Mold your work into pieces that are uniquely you with insight from a molding master!
  • Running Time: 74 Minutes
  • ISBN: 9781620335086