Best of Collage & Assemblage with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer & Jenn Mason DVD

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The Mixed-Media Workshop Season 100: Best of Collage & Assemblage with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer & Jenn Mason [DVD]
Let hosts Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Jenn Mason show you how to create stunning art using the latest and greatest mixed-media techniques and materials.
Season 100: Best of Collage & Assemblage brings you all the collage and assemblage segments featured in the The Mixed-Media Workshop, Season 100. This video includes these great assemblage and collage techniques and projects from Season 100:
  • Balsa, Woodn’t You Know: Discover how easy it is to use balsa wood in your projects.
  • Polymer Clay Architecture: Learn to manipulate clay and collage with threedimensional elements.
  • Big Time Painting: Write with a paintbrush and feel comfortable creating artwork on a large scale.
  • Reductive Stenciling: Use stencils and baby wipes to create unique reductive designs in your collages.
  • Encaustic Transfer: Use this unique transfer method to add your drawings to an encaustic painting.
  • Customize Your Message: Easily create the perfect handwritten stencil and use it over and over.
  • Nailed it: Jenn and Julie duel to see who can create the better mixed-media project using common household nails.
  • Black to Front: Learn to work dark to light and challenge yourself as a painter.
Running Time: Approx 57 Minutes