Beads Baubles and Jewels TV: Series 1500 with Katie Hacker - DVD

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Beads Baubles and Jewels TV Series 1500 with Katie Hacker [DVD] [Anniversary Edition] [4-Disc Set]
Celebrate the 15th anniversary of America’s favorite jewelry-making TV show: Beads, Baubles, and Jewels! Create fabulous new pieces of jewelry alongside the jewelry world’s leading designers!
Join leading designer and host, Katie Hacker, plus tons of guests for all 13 episodes (over 6 full hours!) of watch-and-learn lessons, step-by-step projects, and the industry’s top experts’ tips and tricks!
Trusted by beginners and experts alike, each episode of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels is packed with everything you need to boost your jewelry-making skills and learn the latest technique tips and trends!
Get your 4-disc copy of this all-inclusive series to:
  • Create electrifying jewelry while learning new wire, beadwork, and metalsmithing techniques!
  • Eliminate the guesswork with expert tips, up-close shots, and easy-to-see steps.
  • Be inspired by the new techniques and fun new approaches for creating brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more!
  • Discover the design secrets of jewelry world's leading designers: Kristal Wick, Mark Nelson, Mary Hettmansperger , Candie Cooper, Danielle Fox, Sherry Serafini, Linda Hartung, Leslie Rogalski, and many others.
And more!

Get your copy of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels Series 1500 today to give your jewelry collection a jumpstart with the latest technique tips and trends!

1501 Seed Beads
Discover new tips and tricks for the ever popular seed bead! Join Beth Kraft in creating a bracelet using square stitch embellished with seed beads. Discover gluing grommets with Mark Nelson. Plus, Sherry Serafini demonstrates how to pump up your designs with the use of seed beads.
1502 Semi Precious Stones
Combine semi precious stones with your favorite beading techniques! Katie Hacker shares information on some stunning stones in her necklace design. Discover five trendy stones that won't break the bank with Danielle Fox. Combine vintage petals with crystal rondelles with Stephanie Dixon for a unique look.
1503 Metal Beads
Focus on creative ways to make and use metallic beads! Learn the origin of various metal beads. Explore bi-metal beads with Mark Nelson. Plus, discover how super strong beading thread is great for stitching metal beads with Leslie Rogalski.

1504 Shells and Natural Beads
Explore ideas for using the natural world as inspiration! Discover Katie’s tips for using nuts and seeds with leather cord. Forge a neck wire to show off shells with Mark Nelson. Learn a creative weaving technique that works perfectly with organic beads.
1505 Lamp Work Beads
Light up your designs with lamp work beads! Enjoy a demonstration on making a peyote-stitched bail for a lamp work bead. Discover how to make lamp work beads with Nate Perea. Kristal Wick demonstrates creating your own colorful necklace using simple techniques.
1506 Wood Beads
Explore the warm sheen and organic feel of wooden beads! Discover gold, silver and copper leaf on wood beads with Mark Nelson. Lisa Crone shows how to combine seed beads and wooden beads with macramé. Use a wood burning tool to create a patterned effect with Candie Cooper.
1507 Vintage & Art Beads
Dive into unique designs with vintage and art beads! Create a dramatic necklace made of unusual elements. Linda Hartung shows her signature technique for creating twisted strands of crystal yarn. Explore how Mark Nelson oxidizes base metal components for a faux vintage look.
1508 Crystal Beads
Crystals are a beader's best friend! Make a simple necklace featuring crystals and charms. Learn how crystals can be used to create subtle sparkle in everyday jewelry with Danielle Fox. Plus, discover how to solder a gold-filled bead bar with Mark Nelson.
1509 Heart Shaped Beads
Show your softer side with heart shaped beads! Explore how to create a heartfelt accessory with Stephanie Dixon. Discover great tips and tricks from Danielle Fox on making jewelry gifts. Create sparkly earrings using crushed German glass glitter and resin with Kristal Wick.
1510 Pearls
Find out why pearls are a jewelry making staple! Mark Nelson has a lesson on gluing pearls on posts. Create your own multi-strand pearl and crystal necklace for added shine with June Beach. Lauren Andersen makes a barrel weave chain maille necklace embellished with pearl-colored magatamas.

1511 Beaded Beads
Take a new look at easy ways to make embellished beads! Discover how to make gorgeous beaded fringe on embroidered pieces. Plus, take a lesson from Leslie Rogalski as she uses her eye for color to create a unique spin on using seed beads to cover wooden beads.
1512 Briolette Beads
Dive into some of the most popular bead shapes! Combine laser cut buttons with teardrop-shaped briolettes for chandelier earrings with Katie. Make your own gorgeous disk pendant necklace using a briolette as a slider with Linda Hartung.
1513 Found Object Beads
Turn your trash into treasure! Learn how to use resin with paper ephemera for jewelry making with expert Melanie Brooks. Use acrylin on found objects to emphasize the curved surfaces with Mark Nelson. plus, Mary Hettmansberger talks about the beauty of rusty treasures!
  • Running Time: Approx 6 Hours