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Acrylics The Watercolor Alternative with Charles Harrington - DVD

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Acrylics The Watercolor Alternative with Charles Harrington [DVD]
Watch acrylic painting techniques come alive in this exciting landscape painting DVD workshop from Charles Harrington. Using a brush and misting bottle, Charles works with acrylics as if they were watercolor! Two featured landscape painting demonstrations show you how to paint trees, foliage, skies and rocks with acrylics.
The first demonstration includes a rural scene with a church. Charles paints acrylics in a transparent mode, creating a watercolor effect. The second demonstration shows you how to paint a country field, using not only transparent techniques but opaque acrylic treatments as well. Learn how to make last-minute changes, add in focal trees and create great textures using white gesso. With this painting video you’ll also see how Charles prepares his paints in order to keep them moist and workable when painting a landscape.
In Acrylic: The Watercolor Alternative You’ll Learn:
  • How to create and use transparent & opaque acrylic treatments in your landscapes
  • Tips & techniques for using masking fluid, mixing colors, splattering and controlling edge quality
  • How to paint two landscapes from start-to-finish
  • Running Time: 68 Minutes