Acrylic Painting Workshop - Mediums Demystified with Nathalie Kalbach DVD

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Acrylic Painting Workshop: Mediums Demystified with Nathalie Kalbach [DVD]

Matte gel, matte medium, gloss gel, gloss medium, super heavy gelÂ…The list of acrylic mediums goes on and on, and so does the confusion! In Acrylic Painting Workshop: Mediums Demystified, Nathalie Kalbach gives you, and student Kristy Conlin, the ultimate guide for knowing which medium to use in every art situation.

Learn the differences between each of the gloss, gel and matte mediums beyond their adhesive powers, and how to use them to manipulate the paints you already have. Explore the wonders of pouring medium, string gel and modeling paste, along with three types of gesso as you learn more than 25 techniques that will blow the doors of the acrylic painting world wide open!

In this video you will
  • Explore 13 acrylic mediums
  • Learn the intended and unintended purposes for each product

  • Running Time: 113 Minutes